Some of “My Pr…

Some of “My Profile”

some priorities: Quality: of Life, of Health, Quality of People; To love where I am in the moment; to be swimming preferably in an ocean.     My nickname is Pancho, yet I’m not Mexican. Reason: my father was a friend and equestrian comrade of the late Mexican actor Leo Carillo who played the part of “Pancho” in the film “The Cisco Kid”, a Mexican rendition of “Don Quijote”. Leo (a Spain land grantee…think Carillo Beach) told my father, NOT “Frank” (for my Russian grandmother “Fania”) rather Pancho. My collie’s pedigree name was “Golden Pancho of Tamarack”. My grandmother named colt “Pancho Eyelashes”.       Our neighbor and my father’s best friend, Johnny Weissmuller/Tarzan, trained me to swim fast for competition which was grueling. So I (and my father) persuaded him to settle for me to swim the mile rough water. Cheeta hated Boy, but loved me and we had tea together on the set. Tarzan and his gorgeous wife Allene and my parents took me all over Mexico which became My Place. Later, I “grew up” and was schooled in Madrid with a love affair with the city and with flamenco dance. Tip of iceberg. Another “me”: an islander on Isla Mujeres (offshore from Yucatan), long ago when streets were soft sand (hence bicycles were useless). Delicious turtles, conch, lobster and fish abounded. The island also home. I returned there to spend every Christmas and New Year for decades with my loving loving friends. I also returned to be healed from car injury thanks to successful hyperbaric treatments at the Island’s Naval Base, supervised by the presidential-level director of Mexico’s hyperbaric and hypobaric medicine.).  Mexico is healing and happy.      ##



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